Double CD Release with Josh Lanza!

Belltown Underground, 2407 1st Ave , Seattle (Belltown) 98102, WA

8:00 - 9:00 - 25 minute sets by Josh and Scott (with guests)
9:00 - ???? - you are invited to perform up to 10 minutes
???? - 2:00 - White Album Jam - everyone's invited to lead songs from the Beatles' White Album in a jam format. Original keys, please - in case people want to practice!

  • No cover
  • We're not selling booze or food, so BYO. (We'll do a Costco run for some snacks, but they don't have salo, so you Ukrainians, BYOS)
  • This is not a loud thing. Think Nirvana unplugged. There will be amps, but everything will be really low, since Josh and Scott are whiny noise-averse babies. Wah-waaahhh.
  • It's a private party, but your friends are welcome.

Please help with the celebrating! After tumultuous three year odysseys, Scott Adams and Josh Lanza have completed their newest CDs. Josh's CD is songs based on Pushkin's poetry, and Scott's birds may bite, bees may not is his first CD since 2003.

After Scott and Josh do their short sets, we will open up the floor for others to perform. We'll have a signup sheet, backline drums (with brushes), bass amp, guitar amp, PA, for quiet-ish sets of music, poetry, acting, readings, comedy, defend your Ph.D., (if we can get a projector, film/animation would be cool) - however you art.

If you want to perform, let us know (send us email: birdsmaybite@gmail.com, jlanza@gmail.com) OR just use the sign up sheet at the show.

After that, we'll do the jamming, using the Beatles' White Album as a format - learn a song or two so you can lead it. We'll going to try to find some way to project the lyrics. This is an experiment, of course, which is sort of what got us here anyway

No cover Age limit: All ages