Ivory Smith Trio at Vito's

Vito's, 927 Ninth Avenue, Seattle (first hill), WA

We've been doing this gig weekly since September.  Thursday, December 30th is the last one.  Ivory will be back in February with a brand new lounge act.  If you haven't seen us yet, please come; we've really absorbed the tunes!

If I walked into a bar and there was a lounge act, how would I want to be serenaded? What would I want to hear on a grand piano? I would want to hear it with a soft electric guitar (Scott Adams) and soft sultry drums (Zeke Keeble). Some Syd Barrett, Morrissey, Jobim, Os Mutantes, Nico, Leonard Cohen, Tim’ve got the picture.

Thursday, December 30th 8-10pm


Free admission Age limit: 21+