Hell's Bellows and Stefen Gruber

Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Avenue, Seattle (Central Dist), WA 98122

Hell’s Bellows describes themselves as “a fearsome set of musicians
bringing the gospel of accordion chaos from Seattle to the world at
large.” Drawing elements from experimental minimalism and rhythms and
tones collected from around the world, Hell’s Bellows (Amy Denio,
Marchette Dubois, Scott Adams, and Eli Kaufman) weave a lush,
intricate tapestry of sound with four accordions, “dexterous finger
wigglings and pokings, industrious toe tappings, industrial foot
stompings, sighings, sightings, and sporadic grinning.”

Stefan Gruber is an animator and art wizard from Seattle. He is also
the creator of 3-Way-Soccer, the most eternally dignified sport known
to the western world.

His films are narratives of inquiry, self-discovery, and catharsis
through ever-shifting, dreamlike worlds.

A lot of my films have that theme in mind - where there’s a
liberator and there someone who’s caged or leashed. Someone who
obviously has a lot of love and a lot of sweetness and I want to see
that unleashed.”

Age limit: All ages