the music and instruments of Ken Jacobson –

Fandrich Piano Studio, 1513 14th Ave (14th between Pine and Pike), Seattle (Cap Hill), WA

All music will be performed on string and percussion instruments designed and built by Ken Jacobson. Most of these instruments use microtonal intervals in tempered and non-tempered scales (12 tone equal temperament with select quartertones, and just intonation)

Performers will include Scott Adams, Stephen Parris, and Ken Jacobson.

Ken Jacobson is a multi-instrumentalist and luthier. He has been building instruments since 1996 and has been part of Seattle's music community since 2001. Ken currently works for Dusty Strings in Seattle building folk harps and hammered dulcimers. He also maintains a shop at home where he designs and builds a variety of acoustic and electric instruments.
Ken can be found performing around the Seattle area playing drums/percussion, electric bass, touch guitar, electronics, and his own instrument creations.

Age limit: All ages