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Surviving the Golden Age
April 24, 2017:  birds may bite's new track "Streetlight" is premiered on the music blog Surviving the Golden Age.

This American Life - Break-Up Song Contest 
Two of the five judges for the This American Life break-up song contest chose the birds may bite version of "The Three of Us" to be among their favorites.  To hear the bmb version, other winning submissions, and the This American Life episode that spawned it all:

Claire Donato interviewed Starlee Kine (Starlee co-wrote The Three Of Us) which bmb did an interpretation of. The following is from Claire's interview: "Recently, TAL invited listeners to submit re-imagined versions of Kine’s final break-up song. Winners of the contest were selected by music professionals, TAL producers, and Kine herself. Kine’s favorite re-imagined piece was written by Scott Adams, a.k.a. “Birds May Bite.” “I love [Scott’s rendition],” Kine says. “That one totally broke my heart. His typewriter [sound effects] killed me.” To read the complete article: Newyinzer

The Local Planet Weekly
"Not artistically bent enough to offend, nor so absurd as to lose all its curiousness, Birds May Bite takes an unusual approach to pop rock songwriting that seemingly went extinct around the same time David Byrne and The Talking Heads stopped making sense."
-The Local Planet Weekly, Spokane, WA

Misc. quotes about birds may bite
"Scott Adams represents the inevitable closing of a divide between literature and music. His songs are crafted with a delicate respect for post-modern absurdity, and a recognized avoidance of the trite and boring singer/songwriter tends to latch on to for whatever reasons they have (normally money, attention, unwillingness to confuse or offend an audience, etc.) This is what places Scott Adams in a category with very few others; one of the only real goddamn folk troubadours of our time."
-Stephen Parris, Monktail Creative Music Concern

"Scott Adams is a quirky new performer who endeared himself to me the moment he stepped up to the mic. He combines often the complex guitar melodies with lyrics that are sometimes simple, sometimes intense, but always completely unexpected. He had the audience laughing out loud one minute, and deeply focused the next. You HAVE to listen to him."
-Kathryn Mostow, songwriter